Friday, May 29, 2009

Cucumber sandwiches

She was a little girl and all she had was her attic.
Full of beads and turquoise pearls she sat by that moldy brown adjacent door everyday, waiting for it to open for her. 
Her silver key made of spirals and magic was the entrance to the garden well and cherry farms and kept her possessions safe. 
In the attic she could see all of her father's acres, the stables, apple garden, vegetable patch, unicorns den and (most importantly) the ocean.  
She had been banned from the ocean (although she could never remember why), but she always dreamt of jabbing her toes in what would be the sticky sand and swirling her big toe in the shape of stars.
While dreaming of sea shells she had tea by herself, always with her pinky reaching for the sky and crumpets made of sand.

The New Scot

New favorite tuneage by my new favorite Scots
so glam. so dirty. all elements to make a kick bum band.
their play on nursery rhymes and kiddie songs makes my tummy smile; 
such as "liar liar liar pants on fire".  
The deep-throated pronunciation of their "a's" makes me want to have a guinness and become a rock star (yet again)

key tracks:
"Flowers and Football Tops"
"It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry"
"Lonesome Swan"

Wine in the well

New Iron and Wine
Around the Well
A collection of b-sides and mellowed out tunes distant from Beam's last album but makes me want to light a marlboro, get out my drum and sit on a porch for a few hours in front of the fire with polka dots and a broken wooden railing. 

key tracks:
"Peng! 33"
"Hickory" (that word reminds me of bark and honey)
"Belated Promise Ring" (never had one of those thank hickory)
"Serpent Charmer" (really I just like those two words together, evil brings everyone down through slick sidewinder smiles.  But really, this songs intro and the thawp thawp of color-bending beats is fantasmo)
"Carried Home" (sad, not a soldier but been there in other states of mind)
"Kingdom of the Animals" (cause who ever frowned at that?  mine would be full of talking dolphins of the Turks persuasion)

check em out on npr here

The Kids- roo

MGMT starts their set at 2:15AM Saturday, June 13 at Roo!  
Oh I cannot wait to spin in circles, 
wear neon paint, 
twirl my hair, 
and dance baby dance. 

"This is a call to arms to live and love and sleep together"


Off to the show this Sunday, May 31.
Looking forward to returning to Randall's Island, 
(as I haven't been since the Warped Tour days of 2004) 
seeing some basket tosses that reach 35 feet, 
but mostly, some new music. 

Favorite Cirque du Soleil album to date: Quidam 
[show and album name] (1997)

Anvil: The Story of Anvil

Kinda sad. Kinda inspiring. But 100% rock.
Playing at the Angelika now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Harry Hood- roo

In my recent discovery of Phish, I am really hoping the Vermont jammers play "Harry Hood" as part of their set.  The song has never appeared on any of their studio albums, however, it has been played, rung, and spit out over 200 times during Phish's live concerts.  I'll let you know what happens after THE Roo.


of my 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trafalgar Square

Gives me chills every time. Waaaaaaaa