Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ambling Alp

A must see video by Yeasayer. Talk about 2009 tripiness:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Subway text memo

Your irreverent nature comes with a cost.
Amount, dollar and euro signs I can't be sure.
Two twins with different color leather shoes hustlin', bustlin' and tappin' their toes, 
One L and four feet make for a nice violin arrangement,
15 puttin' these words to memos and plastic
'I want you so badly' repeating in my head twist it around and I'm still in your bed,
silly mattress feathers tangled up in turquoise sweatpants and gallons of water leftover from Halloween. 
You're the only one drinking. That water, gulping for a metaphor, hydration for the wordless soul.  When the gallon is empty you'll have company and offer nothing, though no missing charm, you just drank it all.  You followed their direction! 
Thus, your self-offering is nothing but red lace and silence.  

Later, on a different day, same mindset:

Word vomit into, on, around and deep tissue extra pressure for age co-existing responsibility bla means an extra name, tag and smile attached to your flimsy hip. Sugarcoat that shit with the thinnest lines you can find.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing Duchess Tickles

Duchess Tickles, grand finale opener closer, loser and moat.
Statements in between Mariah's lines, "Pay Attention."

Bury your Yoshi beneath these twigs of hair and leaves of dye, no one is leaving this castle of candy and fountains of youth. Instead you will crawl with me to my like and dislike chamber and I will tie your hands behind your back because I don't give a damn if you actually do or do not like it. 

Phones that vibrate, sounds that make me go wee a wee with my toes and tongue at the same time, pickled jewelry in the Languid Lake, crystallized champagne from Cherry Chonks' garden, whispers in the secret alcove of the north wing, Damien the Dragon who you must meet darling I have to show you now!
Come come darling, he's eating the Reject's leather
not soon but now, I'll get back to this later.

Wes and the Fox

Picture a glittered imagination - scattered pink, yellow, and blue veins in the brain, boiling like witches glue over an open fire of microphones and computer graphic applications - of punky robustness and a cartoon swag.  You are funny and deadpan is a word of inspiration, a magnet to your fridge.  You are Wes Anderson (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited).  Cooler than cool.

Dazed & Confused nabs a stellar spread and interview with the acclaimed director for their November issue, turning heads on 23rd Street and making minds beg to be a part of his world (or at least mine).  With the upcoming Fantastic Mr. Fox, released in theaters on November 13, Wes talks about his process in film, sound, design and animation, imagination, and reveals how you can still maintain both on an even scale.  As a society prone to un-imaginative programming, jobs, politics and lyrics, we might want to pay attention.

"Writing, for me, is usually just following a train of thought - imagining a scene or setting.  When I'm writing, I'm probably doing that for five hours a day.  Once Mr. Fox was written, I didn't have a preconception of what it would look like.  Instead, there's a process, working with our production designer Nelson Lowry and with Tristan Oliver and figuring out how it ought to look.  So it's almost like you're creating something from your imagination, but your imagination is aided by actually making these things and then saying,'And now we add a little of this, a little of that...'  I don't know if that is exactly imagination or if that is some other process.  We're dreaming up what we want the movie to look like visually, not by just closing our eyes and thinking of it, but by painting it, by building things and adjusting them."

[4 fox faces in an auburn sketch, non-the-less mischievous. ]

Watch the trailer below:

A fantastical playground that's (sorry Disney) OK to be what it's not.

What with Where the Wild Things, Alice in Wonderland, and now Berenstain Bears I might as well move back home and hang some Piglet wallpaper again.