Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday releases

What a glorious day for music. 
Snow Patrol's new album release A Hundred Million Suns
Yaaaaaaaaaay been awaiting this album since 2006.  
Gary Lightbody sounds beautiful singing about space travel and love.
"Crack the Shutters" is favorite for now...soon to change.  And if you're smart you'll PURCHASE this album before it gets played out on el radio.

Also, the new Killers single is bomb.  "Human" joyfully compares humans and dancers, because THERE IS a difference folks.  Thanks, Dr. Flowers for singing the secrets all dancers have known to be true.  The song originates back to deep trancey rhythms which gave The Killers there edge on Hot Fuss, but new synths, hushed guitar patterns, and constant drum beats- rat tat tat- continues our neverending faith in the glorious Las Vegas band.  Boom Boom you might want to pump your fist.  You're answer to their question: "We're both!"

I love Tuesdays.

What an amazing follow up to the Coldplay concert.  Coverage of show will commence later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Motion Occupies Music

Sometime, either late 1975 or early 1976
Good Vibrations Recording Studio
1440 Broadway 40th & 41st
RKO Bldg- 25th Fl.

Assistant on recording session doing a remake of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side'. Billy Joel on piano and vocals- right on the heels of having released 'Piano Man'. Produced by Michael Lang, the original promoter of Woodstock.

We all went out to dinner after the session at the Artists and Writers Club, which used to be on 40th between Broadway and 8th. I had a turkey club sitting across from Joel. I was eighteen years old. I asked for his autograph on a business card. I'm still trying to find it but I remember he wrote, 'I will always cherish our moments together.' What?? I vowed never to ask for autographs on the job again.

M.O.M. (1)

Friday, October 24, 2008


"...okapi, a peculiar forest beast that is part-antelope, part-zebra and part-giraffe." Butcher, Tim. Blood River.

Thus, this is one of the new things I learned today- that such an animal exists, deep in the Congo.


[Picture from learnanimals.com]


The following, to me, is disgusting. I know the answer to 'where do they find these people?' but it's these people who are spoon fed lies. It's these people who scare me. It's these people who, like myself, are Americans, but we couldn't be farther away from unity as Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Warner Brothers you question? There is some sort of insane cartoonish aspect to the land these people live in. It's 2008, wake up!

Get your facts straight.
Stop being racist.
And, by the way, who forgot about 9/11?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Accidental Starvation

Slowly recovering from a nasty nasty stomach flu virus.
Ew. As I type I feel I've been away from the computer longer than imaginable yet also out of my body. Typing is weird and heavy, I feel like my fingers are slamming the key board.
Over the last three days I haven't read a bit of news, blogs, any of my delivered publications. It feels both odd and rejuvenating, escaping accidentally from mainstream/street for a while.

P.S. Notice the new R.S. layout...interesting/that happened too?!

This whole Flu thing is very interesting. My doctor described my symptoms before I had a chance too; apparently it's a "new bug going around". Yea. Apparently. But the tiredness tricked me up man man man. The day before the bomb hit my insides I felt just totally wiped out- like I climbed Mount Everest in a day, or fought off a tornado with one hand, saving a town and in their gratitude asked me to pose for a life-size sculpture for seven hours. Dizziness and lack of a creative/caring tongue can lead to odd thoughts ladies and gents. Godric's Hollow anyone?

I mean I couldn't explain the exhaustion. I knew it wasn't from my workout, and even though I tried to blame it on the good, semi-indie, semi-depressing, too many endings flick Rachel Getting Married, I knew it wasn't from that either. Took me for a loop man man man no slippery nostrils or sore throat or body aches, just weakness, which apparently was odd. I guess that's a good thing...? Not even Thievery Corporation can get me smiling/booty shakin. Great time for a new single, Beyonce.

The only thing I've managed to keep down in the past two days are 5 crackers and red jello. Healthy wealthy bo bealthy.
Figures after I start cooking and get excited for all new recipes I am deprived of anything food related.
This exhaustion has come at a very awesome time, when articles are due for all three of my jobs and phone interviews and hopeful prospects gain speed.
Maybe by tomorrow I'll actually be able to drink coffee.

The first book on my get-back-to-reality list is coincidentally called Blood River, recommended by Nat. Geographic Adventure.
Looks like the exhaustion won't be ending anytime soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday judgement

Listening to Fiery Furnaces, "The Philadelphia Grand Jury" Window City
and judging myself whilst reading articles on expeditions and the cognitive process seeking new experiences. Empty calorie brain waves.

This must be a total contradiction to the previous indulgent dessert post..
but it's Sunday and post three shows,two out of three which made me cry, watching a five year old interact with pseudo squirrels, rabbits, and Sally The Cat, I'm a tad exhausted.

I think the only thing making me feel better is knowing this band is from Brooklyn.
If I could parachute out of an office window or look like I'm not bored out of my mind with my current lifestyle, maybe things would be easier than a glaring benched of seen-it-all jurors. Or this mirror.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday cooking

Today I am cooking a series of recipes that I've started to collect.

Dinner: BBQ chicken (courtesy of food network), baked potatoes, & asparagus

From Barefoot Contessa, the sauce consists of:
-1 cup tomato paste
-1 cup cider vinegar
-1 cup honey
-1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
-1 cup Dijon mustard
-1 cup soy sauce (bought the cutest little Kikkoman soy bottle today at the market.)
-1 cup hoisin sauce
-2 tablespoons chili powder
-1 tablespoon ground cumin
-1/2 tablespoon red pepper flakes (i chose to opt out of the flakes)

The aroma was delectable as the sauce was simmering in the pan on a low flame. I mean the kitchen just smelled like barbecue waiting to be spread and licked off meat. The windows were open, and the cool breeze leaking through the kitchen was just another reminder of how much I love this season. It was like the heat from the stove balanced with the cold outdoors, making my sweatshirt and Ugg slippers just perfect. The liquids bubbled to the top of the pan, and the thickness of all the other sauces blended to a nice dark brown mixture, subtle spices slowly becoming one.

After the sauce was done, I graciously poured over the chicken, set to marinate for three hours. Yum.

Dessert: Devils Food Cookies, courtesy of Family Circle Magazine
-1 cup semi sweet Ghiradelli (your brand choice) Chocolate
-1/2 cup copped toffee
-1 cup chopped pecans
-1 box devils food cake mix
-2 tablespoons of all purpose flour
-1/2 cup vegetable oil
-2 eggs
-1/4 cup hot water/coffee

This consistency is thick because of the small amounts of water and oil required. I recommend not running a blender through the mix, but wash your hands and get chocolate dirty...or else your machine will go kaput. I speak from experience, as I had to throw mine out about an hour ago. I started to use my fingers, and 3 minutes into shaping cookie portions I looked like a four-year-old child who sticks their hands in something too big to tackle. Chocolate was everywhere and really, I couldn't move my hands because all fingers were being held captive. Thus, I asked mommy dearest for help. Lesson: Always have backup.

The cookies look delicious, and I can't wait to enjoy one after din din. They're pretty big, but all moist and sweet-looking.

I say to my grandma, "The chicken is a cookin' and the cookies are in the oven"
Her response, "Boy you really have a bug up your ass."
Point: my family is lovingly scared to have me in the kitchen. I drop things, often.
Example: As I was preparing the ingredients on the counter the top tomato paste can fell into the pre-poured cup of cider vinegar, which then spilled all over and down the steel island. Whoops. Haha when I'm in the kitchen I sometimes get a giddy-ness I only feel when hungover. Everything is funny, but you're the only one who finds it funny...you follow me?

A few years ago I sold desserts to various friends, family, their families, for a few extra bucks around the holidays. It worked out pretty well, cheesecakes and chocolate balls stuffed with coconut and frozen condensed milk filled homes with smiles and sticky fingers.

I want to test a lot of newly discovered dessert recipes and maybe market them to the same group of people I used to sell to; make their holiday eating, simple, stress-free, and delightful. Food with homemade love and klutzy but cautious hands.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


What I want to do.

"In 1998, The Recording Academy established an office in the nation's
capital, seeking to amplify the voice of music creators in national policy
matters. Today, The Academy's Advocacy & Government Relations office
represents artists, songwriters, studio professionals and other music makers
before Congress at a critical time for the music industry. As legislation
adapts to rapidly changing technologies, The Academy works to protect
creators' rights on a number of topics such as intellectual property rights,
music preservation, music education, freedom of expression, radio reform and
other issues.

Upon his appointment in 2002, Academy President Neil Portnow named advocacy
one of the organization's four "pillars," provided additional commitment and
staff, and in 2003 unveiled the "GRAMMYs on the Hill Initiative" in
Washington to advance the rights of the music community through advocacy,
education and dialogue. Since the launch of the initiative, The Academy has
actively worked with leading members of the House of Representatives and
helped organize the Recording Arts and Sciences Congressional Caucus, a
collective of legislators who promote the music community's interests in

One step toward achieving the goals of the GRAMMYs on the Hill Initiative
was The Academy's creation of Recording Arts Day on Capitol Hill. This
annual day in D.C. is an opportunity for creative artists to meet with
national leaders, and to communicate their issues on a one-on-one basis.
More than 20 national music associations join The Academy as co-hosts of the
day's activities. That evening, The Academy produces its GRAMMYs on the Hill
Awards Dinner, at which legislators, educators and artists are recognized
for their contributions to the creative community. Honored have been such
esteemed leaders as Sens. Lamar Alexander, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dianne
Feinstein, Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy; Reps. Mary Bono, Howard Coble,
John Conyers, Bill Delahunt and Steny Hoyer; and artists Kelly Clarkson,
Natalie Cole, Missy Elliott, Gloria Estefan, Vince Gill and Martina McBride.

Other activities include:


Partnership with the Recording Arts and Sciences Congressional Caucus, which
provides The Academy and Caucus members with discussions, demonstrations and
other events allowing opportunities for creators and legislators to learn
from each other and jointly address the needs of the music community
Input into critical national legislation on copyright reform, free speech,
music education and other issues
Regional and state initiatives on behalf of the local music community

-from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences/Advocacy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As a child, this really scared me

Soldier On

Basic Training
Directed & written by: Kahlil Ashanti
Barrow Street Theatre
27 Barrow Street New York, NY 10014
At 7th Avenue, South of Christopher Street
(212) 868-4444
By: Ashley L. Mathus

Kahlil Ashanti gives a riveting performance in his one-man show, Basic Training. Based on his life story, Ashanti portrays over thirteen relative characters, and for an hour, our emotions are at his fingertips. His hesitation-less body language is remarkable, instantly snapping back and forth between personalities, as if you’re flipping through television channels. His consistency is professional and coherent, guiding us through the laughs and turmoil of his life. Winner of the 2004 Vancouver and Montreal Fringe Festivals, Basic Training is a must see.

1992: Ashanti begins his story in native state, Iowa, immediately setting the bar for comedic timing and heartache. Prior to departure for basic training at the Air Force Academy, his mother nonchalantly reveals the abusive man who raised him is not his biological father. With a sudden change of pace, Ashanti rapidly exposes the memorable interactions he encountered inside the forts’ walls and beyond. His Sergeant, an uncompromising authoritative figure too vulgar for even Howard Stern, parrying Kahlil to Kunta Kinte, habitually uses intimidation as his tactic. Unleashing brutal and hysterical honesty, Ashanti exploits the definitive emotion of his elders while procuring laughter from the entire theater. Ashanti’s physicality transposes from stiff and intimidating to agile, gentle, rebellious, or flamboyant, depending on the role. Completing basic training at the top of his class, Kahlil auditions as a stand up comedian for the Air Force’s entertainment group, Tops In Blue. He grooved his way portraying his fellow auditionees, popping, locking, and rapping with vibrant energy and enthusiasm. Performing around the world, Ashanti re-enacted an extraordinary near-death experience in Kuwait, heightening the drama and motive for finding his father.

He is a comedian in his own right, never losing sight of what is behind him, and nostalgic for the oddities that molded his memory. A simple set of one chair, crafty upstage lighting, and a minimal sound score facilitates Kahlil in this one-man show. Each character has a distinct voice, stance, and mannerisms, proving time after time his dependable accuracy. Ashanti paces and uses the stage space comfortably, brilliantly carving it in his imagination. Convincing performances whether male or female allows superb technical re-invention, and our understanding that Basic Training is more than six weeks of pushups, but a decision that shaped Ashanti’s life. He is a diva and a drill sergeant, a mother and a friend, exhibiting a perfect balance for any soldier and actor.

Natural Philosophy

Trying to Glassify

-Pressed my hand on a lions face
-First thing I thought: "It's Free?"

-Case 21: "The Americas". Description: "Discovery is a relative concept."

-I saw something called a "pottery vessel". I thought it said poetry vessel.
-What would be in a poetry pot?

-The automated table clock looks like a gold pirate ship. It was designed to move along the tables with tops of the masts twirling around--announcing dinners.
-Mini organ inside.

-A kid just said, "What the heck is a Copernicus?"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

preserving preserves

Marmalade Later

look for it in 2010.

"This Impact Sucks"

Can you guess the location?

The destruction is anomalously peaceful, watching something be torn down only to be re-built. I was wondering what The Decemberists inspiration was for their album, The Crane's Wife? Maybe they were watching something be shredded cell by cell? Oddly enough, right behind the crane, a truck says "Memorial". A few others are watching, but never linger too long. The driver of the truck is like the cranes wife. I wonder what the drivers view of the destruction is? Dust and gray matter drip and pull gravity in front of his windshield. The breaking ball is at a stand still-inept in creating an ideal 360 hole in a solid. The literal construction is hidden by wooden boards, protecting the people from the destruction they pay for.

Contractors are yelling now. Directing how to tear-something-down, correctly. It goes silent as the cranes wife moves his forearm on the lever, pausing the head of the dinosaur or robotic animal.

The breaking ball is being lifted now and looks like a cork for a wine bottle that must get you really really really drunk.
She said, "Give it some juice".

The ball is winding and twisting ready to strike at any second.
We're anticipating it as the horn goes off: "Beep Beep" Go Go Go! Uh Oh...
Men walk through the ripped debri, hour glass, Philip Glass- like little ants in dinosaur land, their egos are no good here, too small for the masses.
They might have control of the crane, but the blame is awarded to its mouth tearing down the house of the books' home.
When the books move back in their living room will look completely different.

3:02PM: The crane and his wife have stopped and now the ball is moving. But it's not going horizontal into the structure, it's path is an unsure vertical as the wife frowns upon his waterslide of rubble. I said it reminds me of the free-fall at Cedar Point. And also of an anchor sinking into an ocean of rocks. I asked what it would be like to ride the big thimble around in circles like a circus character spinning and getting dizzy. One's grasp would have to be tight and frantic but exhilarating and lots of fun. There's water spraying too so the crane and his inmates don't get dehydrated.

[I sat in gum]

But, the impact of the cork thimble is a disappointment :thud: and leaves its onlookers craving more thrill-a little Hitchcock, a dose of Tarantino, maybe some Aronofsky for good measure. The machine is practically as loud as the thud.

A lot of people have walked by. Stare at us with the camera, but never ask why, look at where the lens is pointing then look at the library. I hate bees. Headphones are stuck in the ears of bicyclists and sneakers getting ready to go work out. It's hard to avoid the noise.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Instant Karma

From Yoko Ono & Bag One Arts
"Imagine Peace"

"...selling instant karma in the same way as instant coffee"

Here we go, the peace anthem

United Nations
All we are saying is Give Peace A Chance"

Overlook Mountain

Sunday, October 12, completed a fabulous hike up Overlook Mountain, part of the Catskill range in upstate NY.
The hike is 2.5 miles uphill, and takes up down a steep plunge 2.5 downhill. The closest town to this mountain range is Woodstock. Yes the Woodstock where the infamous concert was held many moons ago. And to this day it is still a big hippie town with smalls shops and galleries, independently owned restaurants, and locals who glare at tourists. Yesterday a arts festival was kicking off late afternoon with bongo drummers in the center square luring crowds with pulsing beats as the sun set behind the mountain. Woodstock, in my book, could be a great place to settle, but I didn't see any direct trains from the city to the country, and that in itself makes my question the validity of the term 'new yorker'. I started to question the connotations of a new yorker, and immediately thought of city experience and lifestyle choices. Anyway, it's the closest and coolest town next to my favorite off the beaten trail town, New Hope, Pennsylvania. Therefore, I'll be returning soon.

Breath in, breathe out. Through your nose! Up hill we went and my quads felt delicious as they burned and expanded. While hiking I was thinking, why don't I do this more? Or rather, why haven't I already done this (excluding the minimal hikes up to the elevation peak of Zürich, Switerzland and Camp Christopher)? And then I thought, giving myself some slack, I've been away from mountains and fall foliage for the past four years. I can't bother beating myself up because I was averaging 25 credit hours & multiple rehearsals a quarter. There was no time to do things like this, and now that I've got loads, I know how I want to live my life under my own ruling. No deadlines or weekend time management. I've forgotten how beautiful the yellow broad-leaved trees can be. The orange hues of elms and the striking red of maples stood tall, cowering over my hunched, blurred memory, and now I could walk under them, steadfastly looking up thrilled that they weren't in my imagination anymore. In Ohio, at least where I've been, the leaves just seem to fall without changing color, like the wind has more man power than time itself. In the mid-west I saw more rakes and leave blowers than pumpkins, and more flat land enough for a lifetime. On 71 South, there's hay for days, rather than sloping hills and backdrops sufficient for a decent album cover.

I have to admit, this is one of the perks of being back home. Before the hazy cold skies of November sink in, I hope to get a few more spectacular hikes in, and buy some decent hiking boots rather than beat up 3 year old Pumas. When my mom and I researched this trail, she was looking for a beginner path. Although, when we came back down the mountain we come to find we just hiked the intermediate trail, and it made the completion all that more special.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Books, again!

The Books

City Life

I love when I walk out of the Union Square Station I see a bunch of hippies selling Obama pins, tee shirts, dog shirts, baseball caps, and I smell incense wafting from subway grids and lunch benches.  Welcome to New York City, a bunch of liberals.  Clearly, you're outnumbered so get your ass back to the farms where people actually give a shit about what you have to say on politicians basing their campaigns around lies and failed policies.  

Now I will quote The Kills, off their album Midnight Boom, "Tape Song"
"Tape ain't gonna fix it honey
it ain't gonna stick
tape ain't gonna fix it honey
it ain't gonna stick to you

six kinds of glue
won't hold you, won't hold you
You gotta go steal ahead"

debate 3-2

OBAMA: "If you've got a health care plan that you like, you can keep it. All I'm going to do is help you to lower the premiums on it. You'll still have choice of doctor. There's no mandate involved. Small businesses are not going to have a mandate. What we're going to give you is a 50 percent tax credit to help provide health care for those that you need. Now, it's true that I say that you are going to have to make sure that your child has health care. ... The reason that it's a problem to go shopping state by state, you know what insurance companies will do? They will find a state - maybe Arizona, maybe another state - where there are no requirements for you to get cancer screenings, where there are no requirements for you to have to get pre-existing conditions, and they will all set up shop there."

_from Associated Press

Thank you. So when I get cancer in a few years, I know I won't be accused AND charged with pre-existing conditions.  I appreciate that.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

debate 3-1


His "Cronies", Senator McCain, will krump on yo ass.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Went to the opening of Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour, October 4th, 2008.
My first Madonna concert, and boy was I blown away. She opened with songs from Hard Candy, including "Beat Goes On", "4 Minutes", "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", "She's Not Me", and "Spanish Lesson". Digital projections and hieroglyphics's of Pharrell, Kanye, Timbaland, and Justin Timberlake sang, posed, and danced alongside Madge as she moved her hips similar to a 22nd year old. Was hoping for a guest appearance but last I heard Jay Timbalake was snogging Biel in Roma. Maybe it'll happen at MSG tonight.

The entire concert felt like one big dance club/jam. 3D graphics of a hard candy being processed in a colorful factory started off the show, even though Madonna didn't grace us with her presence until an hour and a half past what my ticket said. What do you expect from a diva? The intensity of the actual sound was fantastic, booms and special effects gave me goosebumps for two hours, as I secretly wished I could listen to music that loud everyday. Talk about a light show (Kanye), being inside the IZOD arena in East Rutherford, NJ, lights bounced with bass beats and ignited the dancers unison funk. Rays of colors circulated the arena in long lines and patterns, enabling dizziness to have positive connotations...actually craved by fans (duh). The dancers weaved in and out of double dutch ropes, hopped for days, and accompanied Madonna through trick doors. Be jealous of their stamina. Madge remixed "Ray of Light", "Vogue", and "Borderline", a youthful approach though not unique to her style. "La Isla Bonita" felt like Panic at the Disco cover art with carnival costumes and a dancing gypsy. "You Must Love Me", her only ballad, was beautiful, calm, poetic, and classy.

One of the highlights of the show, for me, was her singing "Human Nature" as video projected Britney thrashing inside an elevator, clearly trapped in a social box. At first, it was hard to recognize Spears' locks, mistaking her for Madonna...but slowly we realize Madge is singing about human nature and having the right to fuck up. (Possibly passively aggressively implying: Mini Me.) The song interluded with "It's Britney, Bitch" and the audience went mad. Clearly, Madonna paved the way for people like Spears, and has always been the female icon for controversy. Her support for the Toxic star was almost endearing.

Another great moment (clip below) was Madonna's, now famous, political montage. Throughout the entire show, a theme of time choked the audience with obvious metaphors, yet was coherent and succeeded in saying something. Clips of Madonna through the ages, growing as an artist and human being echoed that theme. She is so damn gorgeous. Also, while rocking out to the guitar, remixing "Hung Up", the tick tock was enjoyably loud; playing with riffs instead of a techno base. With her closing number, a blow out performance of "Give It 2 Me", a chess board graphic rotated to a upside down position in extreme slow motion, alluding to time in phases; Only to speed up backwards, after the bridge, insinuating the opposite of the lyrics "Time moves by so slowly". Madonna enthusiastically reminds her fans and critics about our global crisis, and how we're running out of time.

The most controversial moment of her show was the montage, comparing McCain to Hitler and other extremists, while juxtaposing Obama with peace activists. I love the loop of "tick tock", sharp and noticeable.

A little diddy on Sarah Palin, M said, "This is the sound Sarah Palin's husband's snow mobile makes when it won't start", and dragged her pick across her guitar painfully slow, like nails on a chalkboard. It sounded stellar, but the message was quite clear.

Not surprisingly, the crowd was wonderful, dancing, cheering, supporting, and singing along the entire time. I was amazed and happy to see such an eclectic base of fans. I love that she reaches men and women of all ages and interests. It's inspiring. The fan selection of the night was "Open Your Heart"; though only a half hearted attempt fulfilling fans wishes before switching up the set because she couldn't "remember the lyrics". At one point, Madonna said, "I'm not sitting down", and asked the audience to please get the fuck up off their asses. We did. And loved it.

Saturday Goodies

loves it.

23 and fabulous

It's my best friends birthday!!!!!
Everyone clink their drinks and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZA!

Always toasted tweedles

He Won't Write It

"I am a golden god"
The sound of thought
the sound of water dripping into a bottomless well, chasing after something already gone deep into the ocean waves, making friends with the salt and starfish

Your fingers shaped like shark teeth, grabbing at anything. Anything with a speckle of blood on mahogany floor padding, digging imprints to have a droplet for your yourself; pretending it's false and acclaiming true nature at the exact same moment.

Scrabble jabble Hello walks among the pristine steel cabinets, mothers mop up dusty hangnails of dead five-year-olds. Their toddlers fell from a plane, landing upon shafts of hate and greed. Hello says the newscaster, your life has now ended, how do we feel?

Tight maternity jeans suffer from too many folded napkins and straw salutes.

Their indifference gallops upon your strings, pulling the lungs down to gravel levels--your choking, drowning, chasing after that pebble in the ocean. One for one.

Foamy whispers and black coffee sea breeze mornings. Faded lined chairs, uncomfortable is the hotel's terry cloth towel. How many people have used them? Cautious hands change outcomes...purple reflects desert, deserted ambitions.

Friday, October 3, 2008

debate 2

Hi Mother Goose, did you ask him the informal name question just so you could say this statement?

“Say it ain’t so, Joe. There you go again, pointing backwards again.”

It's rhyme time! I bet Palin debated prior to the debate between that little diddy and a humpty dumpty rhyme, skirting against the questions with tactless, ring a ding songs to distract Americans.

First analogy I thought of:

Backwards, Palin is headed, into nursery rhymeland treating viewers like her adolescent children.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

debate 1

"Can I call you Joe?"
:winky face: hockey moms, yea!

but we're still emptying offices saaaaraaaaaaaaah
where's your pom pom?

Differences In Stalkerdom

I've been thinking, what is the difference between qualities of a stalker and what 'normal' people do on Facebook?
I'm assuming not much of a difference sans harassment, but I figured I'd compare the facts anyway.

Merriam Webster's definition:
V, Middle English, from Old English bestealcian; akin to Old English stelan to steal
to pursue quarry or prey stealthily

Urban Dictionary's definition:
"a person obsessed with another to the point of insanity. I.E. following one everywhere, calling constantly, not following restraining orders, collecting their hair in shower drains"

Some synonyms from http://thesaurus.reference.com

Now, don't think I'm crazy...yet. I'm not practicing what it takes to fit these qualifications. I'm just curious at whether the differences are like Nicole and Paris, or Letterman and McCain. Reality v. what websites allow to be be seen.

On Facebook, one can track conversations since the beginning of friendships. Forgot what you said? Just look at the wall-to-wall, and you can go back four years to thoughts you probably have now forgotten. One is alerted as to when friends change their information, specific information. One is alerted when a friend of a friend communicates with that friend, and you might go check it out because you're curious. You have access to that information irregardless, though the site lets us know when it's happening, so we can be immediately informed. Unless you live in another dimension, you should know you can make your info private to public search engines, networks, schools, and businesses. However, a friend of a friend can show your page to the person you denied, and your efforts are shot to shit...without you knowing. Is that OK?

I'm not too sure. Looking at the synonym of "pursue", I think Facebook fits the definition of that word. One can consciously decide to pursue or not to pursue by viewing someones profile information, friends, pictures, hobbies, age, job, inspirations, and quirks. Putting forth the effort means you might be interested, but are unsure, therefore you have the scary option to decide without that person's consent. Is that really a way to get to know someone? Doubt it, but we do it anyone because we can.

As to the definition "insanity", I know many of my friends and myself are not insane. Nor do we aim to be. Though, at times curiosity borders obsession. We won't harass someone, or at least let one know we still have an urge to see what they're up to. God forbid we were to get caught, then the embarrassment would be horrific. That's the thing, since our information is public, but our knowledge of what we view is private, it's the new definition of slight stalker. This may also depend on how many times one views another page, though I'm sure by this point we've all lost count.

You ask, how about the "calling constantly" part of the definition, Ashley? Well, on the Internet, there's no need for phones. You have skype, ichat, AIM, et. and instead of dialing the phone, mini-feed provides you with breaking headlines.  

Shelly is attending Frat Omega's Dance-a-thon
"OMG she got invited and I didn't?!" 

"Holy shit bro I don't remember a fucking thing from last night"
"Sally!  That fucking douche bag doesn't remember a thing from last night!" 

Feeling guilty yet? I'm not skirting around indifference, I'm guilty too.
The phone, sadly, is outdated. Think about our phones today, you can text, surf the net, take pictures, draw, get directions, they're basically a computer sans MS Word. You can access the social news from the phone, so doesn't that eliminate calling altogether? I think so. 

This access affects our actions in weird ways. For instance, I know something about you, or what someone said to you, but can't tell you that I know. Therefore, I act differently, and you notice, but have no idea why. Problems ensue, jealousy is enacted, and nothing is solved because no one will speak up. Basically you're losing something over nothing because no one can fully comprehend the exact situation.

Additionally, this site can be a narcisstic tool, pushing the limits of self confidence, devouring smiles and well natured human beings; while confirming a moment in time. It's fabulous in the way that it keep records of good times, nights out with friends, and blurry memories. However, it is a clever tool to waste hours of your day breaking down someone's look and confirming your own. What I'm saying is, the good looking people (who know it), WANT you to look at them, stalk their moves, and think about what you saw post-log out. They aim to control your emotions like a chess pawn. Plus, the naughty and gorgeous will want you to ASK them about it, though in a covert way, proving you have game because your simply avoiding an obvious topic. This is INSANE.

Most likely, when confronted or asked your level of caring, you will respond, "I don't care". The fact is, you do care. We care because we use it, spend our own lives analyzing others. Why? I've yet to determine why, as this trend is building instead of declining. I thought this would be a fade like myspace, live journal, et. Instead, mothers and 60-year olds are joining, wanting to be my friend. The college network apparently wasn't good enough, but we all know it's sufficiently big enough. There's enough drama on campus to fill multiple provocative sites and segregated clubs, so the expansion spawns from greed. That's a whole other topic I don't have to time to divulge in.

All this slight stalker syndrome can be a pile of crap, but after reading this I suggest you consider my thoughts when you ''observe" someones whereabouts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the second M

Sometimes I think I'm ten different people.
Hibernation for nine other souls.

Clapton said he found himself by a pond chasing goldfish plastic bottle torches and fires. Bon bon merry go round I've been here before looking out from a bowl sunked in trenches of mud

Puddles of purple rain as the guitar strings pitter pat into the red rain boots. Far from the sun, the moon is rarely listened to no one wants to be a werewolf those razor sharp teeth dig into your stomach butterflies. We just observe it's patterns but not its mind.

I want to rip the caterpillar before it could ever grow, time capsule, to never know the feeling of flying see the butterfly can only escape after it's been captivated so the point is...........

Trapped in an egg shell a coating
Bomb it
Take your airplanes and jets and eight balls into a tree you trapeze artist that makeup was painted on quite well red-nosed bully go away

Point in turn turning to bad journalism and criticism which is completely void of all emotion
teachers and A-Dull-Ts adore the monarch, hibernating to Mexico beneath Bernal's lips.
Bliss Bombers

Bomb this pond throw a stone with the hardness of breaking through that shell and rip apart my ripples,
break the monotone breakdown of thorough essence.
Ruin the pattern of pitter patter and tear the conventions to threads.
If you ever tear the goldfish an amoeba you'll have to break all the commonalities.

Let me know if you do.

Make the leaves periwinkle the moon pink the nature stamps red red red
Symbols on the dirt surrounding the only puddle left in your atmosphere.

now listening to "Ágætis byrjun" Ágætis byrjun, Sigur Rós


Crammed temples walk cooly along
long cramped streets
A wilderness of walking trees stretching limbs
dirtying an essence
Yellow turns red blinding
patents clog bohemian streets with judgements and partial lobotomies
There should be a wind in which escapes a grin
grins of boardwalks fried-somethings
shallow water not hands, please

I'm hungry for salt water, penetration below the waist, suits don't matter.
I want to run next to the ocean and not lose my breath.
Do waves ever get tired?

a lesson (2)

The Monkey and the Camel

"At a great meeting of the beasts, the monkey stood up to dance, and his performance delighted all those present so much that they honored him with great applause. Such praise infuriated the camel, who stood up and tried to show up the monkey with his own dancing. He made such a fool of himself, however, that the beasts became outraged and drove him out of the meeting with clubs.

Stretch your arm no farther than your sleeve will reach."

From Aesop's Fables, pg. 92

a lesson

The Two Bags

"According to ancient lore, every man is born into the world with two bags suspended from his neck-one in front and one behind, and both are full of faults. But the one in front of his neighbor's faults; the one behind, full of his own. Consequently, men are blind to their own faults but never lose sight of their neighbor's."

From Aesop's Fables, pg. 33