Sunday, May 16, 2010

9th Avenue Food Festival

With all the things going on in New York City on a daily basis it's easy to stumble upon something unexpected and find yourself submersed in the city's culture. Today, Sunday, May 16, I found myself at the 9th Avenue Food Festival - spanning down 9th Ave. from 57th St to 42nd St. Not only could the you smell the fried foods from the Time Warner Center, but the simple elements of this festival brings back childhood memories from weekend carnivals and getaways. The colorful slides, snow cones, cotton candy, funnel cakes and plush toy games makes being a 7-year-old seem like it wasn't that long ago. Plus it's one of the only spots in New York City you probably won't mind being in a crowd that walks slow, because on this day, no one was in a rush.

See some of the sights and tastes of the festival below.

Monday, May 10, 2010

just a jot

...and the Prince embraced me backstage with blue and white-striped sweat pants and a vest that glittered against the wooden castle set. It was then I looked over my shoulder at the tourist-filled elevator and bowed my head humbly. Simultaneously his charming fingers grazed my knuckles ever so slightly. They were warm with passionate encore sweat. I wanted to feel that forever.